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In today’s world, there are few people who are not familiar with the concept of advertising! In the past, when it came to advertising, most people thought of television ads. Small businesses that could not afford the huge costs of television advertising, turned to printing leaflets and finally placing advertisements on billboards in the city. With the advancement of technology and the introduction of the Internet into the routine of people’s lives, it created another method for advertising! A method whose cost and efficiency were enough that all people, including small businesses, could use it in the best possible way. This method is posting ads on the Internet. Although this topic has become very common, you may not have noticed it! So stay with us for the rest of this article!

Types of internet advertising

There are many different types of advertising آگهی in cyberspace and the Internet. Each of these types of audience has its own and different costs. In the first part of this article, we talk about various methods of advertising on the Internet and virtual space.

Visiting ads

One of the most common types of advertising is advertising on Instagram. In this way, people and businesses ask the owners of popular pages or channels in social networks to advertise for their page and business. The rate for advertising is per visit. For example, Fred will charge you a certain amount for every 1000 views of your ad. These advertisements usually have a high tariff and due to the filling of Instagram and Telegram applications, they are less prosperous than before.

click advertising (ppc)

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is an online advertising method in which the advertiser pays a fee each time users click on an ad. This method is used for advertising in search engines and social networks and is considered one of the effective methods of online advertising.
Click ads are known as a popular method of online advertising because of the many benefits it offers. This method allows advertisers to choose the most targeted target group for their ad. By using the right keywords and ad display settings, advertisers can show their ad only to users who are most likely to be interested in their product or service. This method increases the conversion rate and quality of traffic, and as a result, improves the performance of advertisements and increases sales.
However, click ads also have their challenges and limitations. One of the main challenges of this method is the high competition in some industries. Because the number of ads that can be displayed on a page is limited, advertisers face high competition to display their ads. This can lead to increased costs and can be difficult for advertisers with limited budgets. Also, click ads require continuous management and updating. To improve ad performance, advertisers must constantly review and improve their keywords, ad settings, and ad strategies. Also, with changes in user behavior and search engine algorithms, advertisers must constantly make changes to their ads.

Google ads

Google advertising آگهی is one of the effective ways to advertise and promote products and services in the digital world. By using this service, businesses can easily reach their target customers and display their advertisements based on their needs and interests. Google ads are presented in the form of search ads, in-app ads, ads in search results, and display ads, and by using Google’s advanced algorithms, it provides the best possible experience to users. Also, another advantage of Google ads is that it allows businesses to optimize their ads based on their managed budget and have detailed settings for displaying their ads. This service is widely used all over the world and effectively helps to develop businesses and increase their sales.

Video ads

Video advertising is one of the most effective ways to advertise products and services. In this method, images and sounds are used in combination to convey more information to the audience. Video ads can be used on TV, Internet and other mass media. This type of advertisement usually attracts the attention of the audience by using attractive scenes, beautiful images and exciting music. The purpose of video advertising is to create a psychological effect on the audience to persuade them to buy a product or use a service.
Video ads can be used in many areas of the Internet. They can be placed at the beginning of videos on platforms such as YouTube or Aparat. They can also be used in computer games. The disadvantages of these ads are that they are very expensive. Whether you want to create this ad or publish it, both are very expensive and a new business may not be able to afford it.

Advertisements on classifieds sites

Advertising on classifieds sites is one of the effective ways to advertise goods and services to potential customers. These sites allow sellers to post their ads on the site for free or for a fee. These notifications can include images, product descriptions, prices, and seller contact information. Some classifieds sites also offer features such as price comparison, posting comments, and customer reviews.
Advertisements on classifieds sites help sellers to reach their audience easily. Since these sites usually have a large number of daily users, sellers can easily reach new and potential customers. Additionally, by placing their ads on classifieds sites, sellers can offer more competitive prices than their competitors. In this way, these sites help sellers to boost their marketing and get the most profit. Due to the existence of global ad sites, this advertising method allows sellers to reach foreign customers and target international markets as well.
Advertisements on classifieds sites can be a very suitable solution for business advertisements due to its many advantages. These sites are less established in Iran than in the rest of the world, that’s why we intend to discuss various points about advertisement sites in the rest of this article.

What is an advertisement site?

You may not understand what we mean by advertisement sites, that’s why in this section we will first talk about what these sites are and what their features are. An advertisement site is a website that allows individuals and companies to post their ads. These ads may include selling products, renting property, hiring employees, or any other type of service. The ad posting site allows users to place their ad on the site and make it publicly available to the public by entering information related to the ad, such as title, description, images and price.
As we said, the advertisement posting site is available for both individuals and businesses and companies. In other words, there is no restriction on the use of these sites. Imagine that you have an item at home that you want to sell. You can’t use big ads like Google or video! You also need a way to get your product to the ears of many people.
In the past, in such circumstances, people were willing to sell their belongings to middlemen, brokers, or their friends. In this case, either the device would be sold at a lower price, or because many people were not aware of your sale, no action would be taken to buy it. In addition, you had to spend a lot of time and money to inform others about your device. Meanwhile, the ad posting sites can make your ad known to a large number of people with a very low cost of time and money.

Features of the advertisement site

With the expansion of virtual space and the increase in people’s use of the Internet, classifieds sites are known as an effective platform for communication between buyers and sellers in the online market. As we said, these sites allow users to place their ads on the site based on different categories and be easily accessible for those interested in the desired ad. In the following, we will examine some of the features of such sites together.

Search capability

One of the important features of advertisement sites is the ability to use search facilities. By using these features, users can find ads that match their needs. For example, if a person is looking to buy a car, he can search for the cars he wants by brand, model, price, and year of production using relevant filters. These search facilities allow users to quickly and accurately access the ads they need.

Direct communication with seller and buyer

The online market of classifieds sites facilitates the process of communication between buyers and sellers. Users can contact each other and negotiate to reach a common agreement. This possibility allows users to receive the necessary information before buying or selling goods or services and make the right decision by exchanging opinions and negotiations.

Absence of time and place limitations

Ad placement sites usually act as an online marketplace. This allows users to sell their products or offer their services to others. These types of sites allow sellers to access their customers online and market their products quickly and easily. Also, users who are looking for specific services can look for people who provide these services on these sites and contact them.
There are no time or place restrictions in these calls. Someone may sell the product you need in a city that you would not have access to without an ad site. Also, you may not have enough time to buy the desired product from the market. In this situation, classified ads sites can help you find your products at any hour of the day.

high security

Advertising sites must also have security facilities. Users must be sure that their personal and financial information is well protected on the site and that this information will not be misused. This possibility gives users more trust in advertising sites and encourages them to make safer transactions. High security on the site has various aspects. When placing an ad and contacting the seller, people may not want to disclose their information, including contact information. The ad insertion site provides the ability to use this possibility without disclosing information. On the other hand, this site stores people’s information and prevents fraudsters from using it.

Ads ranking

Another feature that is used in ad placement sites is the ability to rank ads آگهی . Using this feature, users can find higher-ranked ads and make decisions based on seller credibility and popularity. This possibility helps users to receive the best and most reliable ads and be satisfied with their purchase.

Post an ad for free

This feature allows users to publish their ads on the Internet easily and without any cost. By posting ads on reputable sites, users can inform the community more widely and have more opportunities to sell their products or provide their services. In addition, using classified ads sites for free allows users to compare and choose the best option and increases competition and improves the quality of products and services. Posting ads for free on ad posting sites is an effective way to advertise and develop small and fresh businesses that don’t have to spend a lot on expensive ads.

The possibility of inserting special ads

Ad posting sites allow their users to post special ads. This possibility allows Internet users to make their ads stand out among other ads and attract the most attention. These ads are usually displayed at the top of the page or with special colors and icons. This service usually comes with a fee and allows users to make their ad stand out among competitors and thus receive the most attention and response from their target customers.

For which people is posting an ad on the site suitable?

As we said, posting ads on relevant sites is very suitable for start-up businesses; But these are not the only people who can use this opportunity. Posting ads on classifieds sites is suitable for anyone looking to sell their goods or services. These types of sites are a great opportunity for people who want to sell a product or service privately or commercially, to advertise and communicate with customers. Also, for people who are looking to buy a product or service from a distance, posting an ad on these sites can be an effective way to find the product or service they need.
Advertising sites are also very useful for those who want to develop their business. These sites give business owners the opportunity to reach a large community of people and introduce their products and services to them. Placing ads on these sites can help reach the target market and increase sales. Also, these sites can give business owners the opportunity to compare and compete with competitors and thus lead to the improvement of the quality and price of their products and services.

The most famous advertising sites in the world

Advertisement posting sites are not only used in Iran and they are widely accepted all over the world. For this reason, there are many famous sites in the world that advertise. Among the most famous classifieds sites in the world are Craigslist, eBay Classifieds and OLX.
Craigslist is one of the oldest and most famous classifieds sites, founded in 1995 by Craig Newmark. This site is mostly used for posting local and commercial ads and operates in more than 700 cities around the world.
eBay Classifieds is also a part of the famous eBay site that includes local and international ads. This site allows users to publish their ads in different categories such as buying and selling appliances, services, real estate and cars.
OLX is an international classifieds site that operates in more than 90 countries. This site also allows users to publish their ads in many different categories. OLX is very popular among users with its simple and easy-to-use interface.

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